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Lots of exciting things in the works!

Elite Equine Rehab & Rescue is in the midst of some wonderful upgrades, additions and changes. As we continue to grow and expand on our facility in the beautiful Black Forest, we look forward to welcoming additional horses, volunteers and clients. With our expansion and upgrades comes additional paddocks, run-in sheds, another 6-stall barn and indoor arena which gives us the ability to rescue, rehab and rehome more horses than before.

A need is recognized 

After years of working through the winter conditions of snow, ice and frigid conditions we finally decided that an indoor arena was a necessary investment to both keep horses safe while rehabbing but to also allow us to continue to condition horses throughout the winter conditions. The finishing touches are going in but it is functional and finally able to be used for rehabbing, training and conditioning.

New Fencing

With the new barn and indoor arena addition came the need for more individual turn-out paddocks. We were blessed with additional fencing at a significant discount. The guys went right to work sacrificing most of 3 weekends and got the paddocks complete. There is still some painting to be done but they are in-use.

Click on video to watch foaling. 

Margarita's foal is here!

On April 19th at 1:30 am Margarita delivered a beautiful filly. This not-so-little girl arrived on her own time and with a little assistance as her shoulders presented a bit of difficulty for Margarita to deliver on her own. You can watch the whole delivery by clinking on the video here. 

The foal had a wonderful newborn check-up with perfect IgG levels, meaning mom is producing adequate antibodies in her colostrum. Both mom and baby are doing well post-delivery.