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Novy Zacatek aka Novy

Novy Zacatek, translation; New Beginning, is a true Cinderella Story. This special Czech Warmblood mare is one of our pride and joy cases. From an illegal import from Czechoslovakia, surrendered due with some feet and body soreness issues, to transforming into sound, happy and healthy superstar performance jumper. Novy not only won all our hearts but the hearts of her new owners. We are super excited to follow her training and career as a show jumper. We couldn't have asked for a better home.


This strappingly handsome Belgian warmblood came to us with an unresolved soundness issue. After a thorough in-depth veterinary workup and successful preliminary treatment plan, we knew that a corrective surgical procedure would be necessary to give this guy the best shot at a comfortable and successful future. Fate just so had it that an adopter in need of a quiet yet bigger frame horse was needed for a tall, 15yo 4h youth. The two of them were magic together at first ride. I am so happy to say that they decided to make this guy part of their family. He will be headed to CSU for the surgery and on his way to rehab thereafter. I cannot wait to follow this guys story and update his happily-ever-after.

Dani's Choice 

This 5 year young superstar of a racehorse, winning a stakes race at 5, came to us in July with what is referred to as a bowed tendon. His treatment began the day he shipped in with cold compression therapy. After getting the swelling down with other non-invasive modalities, our vet performed an ultrasound. The images revealed that there was no lesion of the tendon, simply a strain that produced a profile. His treatment continued and he healed beautifully! His comeback training under saddle has gone without a hitch. We are over the moon excited to announce that he has been adopted by one of our alumni adopters, trainer Erich Yocherer. He will fit into the show barn perfectly. We all know this guy will make many hearts smile, as he has ours. 


This BIG, beautiful OTTB was a clients rehab case after he injured his knee on the racetrack. Then, after recovering from his original injury, he suffered from a severed SDFT injury and was surrendered. He made a complete recovery, is sound and passed his pre-purchase exam with flying colors. He was then adopted for a advanced beginner's show horse. Unfortunately, he proved to be too much for her to handle... safely. This big guy plays hard. SO, as stated in our contract, he was returned and the family adopted a better suited, more seasoned show horse from us.

FORTUNATELY, the original exercise rider/training assistant, whom Valerius LOVES, had a change in her life situation and decided that now was the time to make her dream come true and bring this guy home,,, Well, to her training barn. We are elated that this two have been reunited. I cannot wait to see how they write the rest of their stories together. 

India aka Ellie

This big and BEAUTIFUL TB/Draft cross mare was surrendered due to intermittent lameness. We made some shoeing adjustments and treated her with PEMF therapy 3 days weekly. She came sound and never looked back. She even got back to jumping! Luckily for her, her new life will not be one of jumping and competing but one of extended leisure. Ellie is now a trail mare or many colors. Her new owner loves her beyond belief. We couldn't have asked for a better bond to be made. 


A Wish is Granted. Spirit was surrendered here late 2018 due to his previous owner being stricken with cancer and unable to provide the care and training that this big, beautiful boy so desperately needed. We took him in on the promise that he would go to only the VERY BEST of homes. He was started under saddle and his socialization began. He was blossoming. We received many offers, but nothing "felt" right. We started to think that maybe we should just put him into professional training to learn to drive. Then, we got the call. Make A Wish had seen our website and Spirit and hope he was still available. He fit a little girls wish request to the T. It was a couple weeks and the day after the doctors release later (March 19, 2019) that our 11 year old superstar was able to come meet "The Boy". It was an instamatch. They were meant to be together. We have downplayed the meet-n-greet until her official Wish Day in June, all the while starting this boy in an intense 60 day training program in partnership with Trainer Erich Yocherer. We couldn't be moire pleased and excited for their future. Stay tuned for their progress.

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This beautiful 17 year old thoroughbred was an owner surrender. He no longer fit the bill as a competitive show horse. He was sad and longed for a connection with humankind. He quickly found his forever home in an English training/show barn as a lesson and beginner show horse. He is much loved and beyond pampered. 


This sweet boy, an American Spotted Saddle Horse,  was surrendered for a hind end suspensory ligament injury.  He spent a year here rehabbing and slowly making his way back under saddle as a beginner lesson horse with children here at the rescue. He was finally able to make his comeback. It just so happened that the timing was perfect... Another rehab client had recently lost her trail horse to cancer and was ready to start riding again. Although, she was not looking to purchase quite yet, she was willing to lease Memphis to help her "get back in the saddle" again. Well, that arrangement led to the inevitable love that has grown between them. It wasn't long before Memphis found himself in his forever home. These two have an incredible bond that continues to build daily. They are truly partners traveling on the competitive trail circuit along the trails of the Rocky Mountains. We look forward to following them in their adventures and the extraordinary heights they are destined to reach.


This amazing specimen of an eventing horse, a registered Zweibrucken Warmblood, trained over fences and level 3 dressage, was surrendered for initial onset symptoms of Kissing Spine ( A condition in horse in which one or more of the flanges of bone sticking up from each vertebra in the spine touch or rub against each other. This condition can cause arthritic changes and pain). With non-invasive rehab to include PEMF, Laser and equine massage, Niko was feeling like a new horse in just a few treatments. In just one short meet-and-greet scheduled for a trainers client, he actually found his forever home. No, the client didn't end up taking him simply due to his size and playful personality. However, the trainer was instantly smitten with him. Another love-at-first-sight encounter that led to his forever home. Today, Niko is a go-to lesson/show horse for intermediate riders looking to hone their riding skills and ability. He still receives regular bodywork to keep him in prime performance condition and is a barn favorite.  


Highbrow Candy Mandy "Mandy" was a registered 3 year old  Quarter Horse filly originally boarded here on the rescue premises and left abandoned. She came halter broke but never started under saddle. So, after the legal issues involved in abandonment cases were resolved, the training process began. Mandy was a sweet girl wanting a job and eager to learn. She was smart, patient and kind. It was only a matter of days before we were tacked and riding around the premises outside of the round pen and getting her accustomed to being a "big girl" under tack. Mandy is now a productive member of the equine society loving her job as a working ranch horse sorting, roping and driving cattle here in Colorado. Our most recent update on Mandy was that she is performing beautifully and really enjoys her job but particularly enjoys the end-of-work gallops across the ranch plains where she gets to kick up her heals and occasionally throws in a happy buck to celebrate. 


This mare is more than special. She is an Argentine Thoroughbred who played polo for 13 years of her life. She was the go-to mount for leading polo rider in the world Aldolfo Cambiaso and can be seen in some of the Ralph Lauren Polo ads that featured Aldolfo. She was known as "The Queen of the Field" as she would follow the ball and set the rider up to make the play. She is nothing but class. Unfortunately, her playing days were cut short by a few years only due an unsightly lump on the offside of her neck. The lump grew quickly and started to drain... She was diagnosed with melanoma and retired from polo. Once here, she was allowed a few months to just eat and be a horse again. It took a few months of continued "relaxed" riding to convince her that she no longer needs run fast and hard nor make those short, fast turns. It wasn't long thereafter that she was adopted and headed out on the trails for a life of leisure. Godiva remains here at the rescue as a boarder which allows us to monitor her health and happiness as she copes with the cancer that continues to grow. However, she is happy and has grown to love her new life of pampering, pony parties and lots of cookies with all of us here at EER.

Update: Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of her control, Godiva was re-surrendered and is currently available for adoption again.

Thrillion aka Ares

This handsome beast, a 7 year old Thoroughbred,  was retired off the racetrack due to a potential tendon injury. He was successful in his career earning almost $70,000 in under 25 starts. However, the owners weren't really interested in diagnosing or rehabbing his injury and elected to surrender him with us. I few hours of a trailer ride from the farm in Arizona, he was here and ready to begin his rehab treatments. Fortunately, the injury sustained was superficial and only required a few weeks of rehabbing with cold-compression and laser therapies. After a couple test rides to ensure soundness, Thrillion said he was ready to go. The timing couldn't have been better... That was only days before a very special little girls 8th birthday. He was loaded, put in a stall and ready to be unwrapped (stall door opened) just in time. The very best gift EVER... Not just for his new owner Emma and Thrillion, but for us here too. Knowing he will have the life of a little girls show "pony" and receive hugs and kisses daily makes this  thing we do all worth while. Here you see him performing in his new discipline as a dressage horse.


This gorgeous guy, a 16 year old thoroughbred, was surrendered to us by a therapeutic riding program. They had acquired him shortly before he landed here. Unfortunately, he proved to be too much horse for the children that were to be working with him. He suffered from a vice... rearing or passing out when the girth was tightened too quickly. After arriving here at EER, Encore underwent a full bodywork assessment and was found to be extremely sensitive at all of his GI acupuncture points, one of which is just behind the elbow at the girth line. He was treated for just a few short days and immediately started to show signs of improvement. After a couple weeks he was ready for his first meet and greet. Well, he gave a wonderful first impression. He earned himself a spot in a lesson program at an English show barn and is now competing! To ensure his progress, we included ulcer treatment and continued bodywork in the adoption contract. We look forward to the amazing stories this guy is yet to tell while living his life of luxury. 

Novy Zacatek

We may not advertise, but the changes we are making are becoming widely known. A well-known and successful trainer reached out to Gina. She had a horse that needed a soft landing...

This Grand Prix jumper trainer had a client that had purchased a high-end jumper through a performance horse dealer in Czechoslovakia. The mare was imported, went through quarantine and was finally shipped to the farm to begin her training. After only a couple short weeks she started resisting jumps and appeared sore in her front end. Upon vet exam she was diagnosed to have tender feet and needed some time and therapy. Upon further vetting, it was discovered that this estimated 5-7 year old mare had no microchip to which she was to be registered and the horse that she was supposed to be named is currently competing in Europe. On further investigation it was confirmed that her papers and passport had been falsified. The US government got involved and was able to get the clients money back from the Czech government. However, there was still the issue of this mare... She could not be exported back to where she came from because she had no paperwork. She was still in need of time and therapy. So, to us she came.

She could not sit in the barn without a name. Knowing her story, she was appropriately named Novy Zacatek which means new beginning. After pulling her shoes, we realized Novy had bruising on all four hooves. She was trimmed, her foot angle adjusted and re-shod. She received 3 weeks of bodywork sessions and was sent out to begin training. After a short week under saddle Novy decided it was time to start jumping again... In a short month's time Novy has grown wings and landed in her forever home as a show jumper.   

Deep Snow

This beautiful 5 yr old Thoroughbred mare was competing as a racehorse when her owner passed away. In his will he left her in the care of her trainer. The trainer had recognized a bit of swelling in her ankle and decided to have her x-rayed. There were no fractures in the joint but some changes which would require some time and therapy to help her heal. It was then that her trainer decided it best to surrender her as opposed to rehabbing her and bringing her back into the sport that was causing the stress on her joints to begin with. She was brought her to us, received 3 months of PEMF, LASER and kinesio therapies and started in retraining. We are happy to say that she has raced into and won the heart of a local trainer where  she will remain forever loved.