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Our Farm Services

"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way."-Napoleon Hill


Direct rescue involves saving horses from abuse or neglect situations, providing supportive veterinary care & rehabilitation, training evaluation and adoption to qualified homes. A small number of horses retire with Elite Equine Rescue when they are unlikely to adopt but are still in overall good health. Direct rescue also involves providing humane euthanasia for horses debilitated or suffering from various conditions including disease or severe injury/illness where quality of life is diminished.

Horses are obtained from owner surrender, animal control impound and abandonment cases.

Generally, our rescue takes in performance horses on a surrender basis. As such, these horses have had to maintain a clean bill of health from a veterinarian as well as maintain a vigorous health maintenance program. Therefore, EER is rarely required to quarantine. In the event that we do, incoming horses with unknown backgrounds are quarantined from the general herd and each other when entering the rescue at different times. Elite Equine focuses on saving abused and neglected horses with emphasis on those performance horses that would otherwise be bound for slaughter due to injuries that are in need of rehabilitation. Elite Equine Rescue is not authorized to investigate/seize abused horses, but will assist in reporting and initiating investigations. To report suspected abuse/neglect, please contact your local humane society or animal control.

All horses in the rescue program receive routine veterinary care as well as any emergency care needed. This care includes Coggins test, vaccinations, de-worming, dental care, and regular farrier care. As needed, rescue horses are given medications, supplementation, such as nutritional (i.e., vitamins/minerals, probiotics) or for conditions such as arthritis. Horses are also provided complementary therapies including, but not limited to, PEMF therapy, Laser therapy, Electroaccupressure, KT Taping, Cold Compression, homeopathics, herbal remedies, etc. Once rehabilitated, all horses undergo training assessment prior to being placed up for adoption to qualified homes.

Indirect rescue plays a critical role in Elite Equine's mission to end the abuse and neglect of horses. Direct rescue is limited by available shelter, funding and people needed to properly care for horses and facilities. Indirect rescue is an important way to help more at risk horses.


Rehabilitation services are provided in-house by Elite Equine Rehab.

We work with each horse on a case by case basis and develop the most natural, non-invasive protocol to get them to optimum health and happiness. Once the horse has reached a good health standing, both mentally and physically, we then perform a training and skills observation to determine the skill of rider required and any additional needs the horse may have before beginning the adoption process.


EER adopts horses to qualified homes with preference given to those in CO. Currently horses for adoption are located with Elite Equine Rehab Services in northern Colorado Springs. An in-person meeting and ride (if applicable) are scheduled to make sure the adopter and horse are a great match. Additionally, a home-check will be performed prior to approval.

* Please note EER may also refer out to other rescue organizations to view horses available for adoption.

Elite Equine Rescue also has a small group of retired horses who are unlikely to adopt for any reason other than pasture companion but still have a good quality of life. These horses are available to sponsor to help offset their care expenses. These horses are located at EER’s private farm in Northern Colorado Springs as well.


We offer a safe place to land for retired or injured performance horses. We offer this service on a case by case basis as we are limited to space availability. This service guarantees that these horses will never meet the ill fate of an auction and ultimately the slaughter house. 


We often get in some wonderful performance horses that have sustained an injury that prevents them from continuing to perform in their field. We take the time to provide the needed treatments and therapy to return them to light work. While those are here with us they are used to give lessons. This both gives them a job and helps them stay conditioned. 

Spa Treatment

We appreciate those owners who recognize the rigors of daily riding, whether it be performance level or pleasure, and feel that their 1,000lb babies deserve a little pampering too. We offer many form of non-invasive, holistic therapeutic modalities performed by a certified bodywork professional. 

Volunteering with horses is the perfect way to work with your favorite animals and do something meaningful at the same time. Whether you are very experienced with horses or you want to learn horseback riding, we will help you find the right project for you.

Volunteer at our horse rescue center and assist in the rehabilitation of abused and neglected horses. If you want to learn more about horse handling and training, take part in learning from our natural horsemanship courses held by one of our trainers here on the farm. Do you like working with children? Then support our lesson program and prepare the horses for their lessons with children of all ages as a horse volunteer.

What better way to build self-confidence, respect and responsibility than with fun and games with one of our trusted rescue horses? ... We couldn't think of any either. We host highly interactive activities, events and parties that allow children to learn whole horse responsibilities, learn goal setting and communication skills through a variety of activities that is fun for all involved. Using the rescue horses for most activities allows for a unique learning experience for all participants. Each horse brings a different dynamic, history from the life that brought them here, to every individual's experience. 

Awareness & Education Activities

In addition to lessons and training programs held by our contracted members, we also host equine educational clinics both on-site and on-location. We host a variety of functions throughout the year to raise funds for EER. If you would like to donate your services or time to one of our upcoming events, or would like to host a benefit, please contact us today. We love to help fellow members of our local equine community.

Horse ownership 101- This is a one day, family-oriented learning experience as to the responsibilities involved with horse ownership. Curriculum includes prey-predator and herd relationships and basic behaviors, costs involved, options to owning, some hands-on (grooming).

There are always ranch chores that need to be done, and we feed the horses 3 times a day, so there are plenty of opportunities to help. We can provide a free workout accompanied by some appreciative nickers. Or pick a horse to brush once a week- they love the interaction and soon anticipate your arrival. It's very important to us to provide our equine friends with stimulation and human touch- it makes their lives better (and ours, too). Elite Equine Rescue currently provides care for 18 horses. That is enough work for lots of people! We always have room for more volunteers. In addition, we host parties, events and educational clinics regularly. Additional help is always welcomed. Please contact us today to book a party, schedule a tour or to learn more about volunteering at EER.