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Meet Our Team

"Together, we are rescue". 

Gina Hluska


Gina is a horse lover to the core. Born & raised in Florida, she has been told that she could ride before she could walk. So, it was only natural that she would spend her childhood taking lessons, showing and even volunteering for the Special Olympics. Fresh out of college, Gina took her love of horses and riding to the stage when she began performing in the Arabian Nights dinner theater in Orlando, FL. Here she trained and performed on many breeds and in a variety of disciplines. When the long drive and countless hours away from home began to take its toll, Gina looked for something a little closer. After a riding interview, she was hired at a local ranch just minutes from her home. There she ran the equine program starting, training and caring for the horses. After observing one of the horses lack of appetite and mild fever, she used her gut instinct and called the vet, DVM Robert McDonald. Upon the assessment and diagnosis of pneumonia of said horse, Dr. McDonald recognized Gina's skills and natural ability with horses and offered her a job working alongside him at Tampa Bay Downs Thoroughbred Racetrack as his vet tech. Here she gained field experience working on the backside of the racetrack, on farms and in-hospital settings assisting in treatments and surgeries. Gina found that this was where she loved to be. She followed the racing circuit to the North during the summer season and obtained another position as a vet tech. There she worked with the veterinarians of TFB Equine, a highly regarded performance equine veterinary firm serving the Mid Atlantic and some of the Nations top owners.

Gina remained employed with TFB for 12 years before relocating to Colorado. Since arriving in Colorado Springs, she has worked for Airway Animal Hospital and Brown Veterinary Hospital. After working in the field of primarily small animal medicine, Gina felt the need to fill a void and go back to what she truly loved, horses. As a newly single mother, she couldn't afford to go back to school, but that wasn't going to stand in the way of her dreams. She applied for a scholarship and WON! She went back to school and obtained the necessary accreditation to open her own Equine Rehab Facility...

Thus, Elite Equine Rehab was born... As was her current family. Gina is now a happily married mother of a blended family of 7 humans, 3 dogs, 3 cats, chickens and fish. On the farm there is never a dull moment.

Gina still loves and makes the time to learn new modalities, techniques and treatment methods to help keep her current in the field. She attends Continuing Education seminars with the AVMA and specialized classes to gain additional certifications yearly. Gina currently has the titles of Certified Equine Massage Therapist, Certified Equine Kinesiology Practitioner, Certified Equine Laser Therapist and Veterinary Technician currently behind her name and always looking to add more.

Karen Osborne

Vice President/Community Outreach Chair

Karen first came to EER as a client in need of our rehab services offered here for her Friesian mare. Recognizing our need for community outreach, Karen kindly offered her services in that arena. Her knowledge and expertise were quickly recognized as the rescue quickly became involved and supported by many local and national organizations. Thankfully, it didn't stop there. Shortly after becoming a board member, Karen has gracefully stepped into the position of Vice President . She quickly gathered the reins recruiting additional funding, writing grants, overseeing the outreach committee, seeking out additional grant opportunities and programs, delegating task and overseeing events. It was only fitting that with all she does here that be named the Vice President and Outreach Committee Chair. We are so happy to have Karen as an integral part of our team.

David Hluska


Dave is a retired USAF Lt. Col. currently employed as a civil servant at Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs. He spent much of his teenage years working on a produce farm in upstate New York. Here he learned the ins and outs of planting, harvesting, building and equipment operation. Although he has never worked with horses prior to his marriage into this life with Gina, he has learned quickly and gets around just fine. Additionally, Dave utilizes his amazing skills with computers and impeccable understanding of numbers (math major) to use as Treasurer. He does a wonderful job running the numbers, keeping spreadsheets and of course managing others. Together, he and Gina envision continued growth in the rehab & rescue by acquiring or raising the funds needed to help as many horses as possible.

Erin Brones

Volunteer Coordinator/Direct Care Chair

Erin is a wearer of many hats to include but not limited to wife, mom, retired dental hygienist and horse owner looking to give back. Erin first began volunteering at EER after having her horses board at the rescue and recognizing a need for additional help. When the position for volunteer coordinator came available, it was only fitting that she would be the one for the job. We are so happy to have her. Erin quickly redefined the position and implemented some wonderful volunteer protocols and guidelines. Being the charismatic, fun, loving and caring great leader that she is, volunteers not only started to fill our shift positions but also began to spread the word and recruit others to join them in their efforts here. She loves the horses, what she does on their behalf and brings a great energy and dedication to the rescue. We are blessed to have her here as not just an integral member of our daily operations team but as a board member as well.

Jen Davis

Secretary/Co-Chair Direct Care Committee

Jennifer is a woman of many talents. She's a smart and beautiful mother of 2 amazing children, 4 dogs, 3 cats and many other animals... Including a very special Curly Mustang mare named Freya. Jennifer has a degree in business operations management and psychology with an emphasis in behavioral studies. She is a retired government systems analyst. Jen has always been fascinated by the animal/human bond and has 15 years experience in dog training in the areas of obedience and agility. She is also well-versed in theater stage work. Jen volunteers has spare time at EER and is actively involved in training her horse and has recently started her under saddle. Jennifer is proud to be involved with EER  and believes in the power of equine compassion, love, healing and second chances.  

Khyrsten Morgan

Barn Manager/Direct Care 

Khyrsten is happily married to her high school sweetheart, has a dog named Bernie, 2 cats named Hyde and Chester and 1 horse, a beautiful paint mare named Blanche that she adopted from us last year. Khyrsten worked as a small animal vet tech and office manager for 6 years before being introduced to us and learning about what we do here during our fall festival. She then decided to volunteer and learn all she could. Prior to her recent dive into the horse industry, she had little experience with horses in the past other than her childhood and sporadic trail ride from time to time. Although relatively new to horses, Khyrsten is not new to animal welfare and has a strong grasp on facility management. We are happy to share with her all we know as Khyrsten looks forward to expanding both in her knowledge and experience while managing the team here. 

Riding Instructor/Life Coach

Andrea Schiffbauer

Andrea, like many people, realized her love for horses at a young age, and has continued to

cultivate and foster her passion by continuing to educate herself regarding equine health, care, behavior, and equestrian technique. She enjoys riding and giving lots of attention, care and cookies to her main equine loves, Friesian Ster stallion Kwintus and Warlander gelding Pirate, and has begun teaching novice equestrian riding lessons to individuals of all ages and backgrounds to encourage and support the love of horses in others. Andrea has nearly 30 years of equine experience, she grew up on a farm that had more animals than she could count, but her passion has always been for horses. She has trained, ridden, and competed in multiple disciplines and aspires to excel in dressage. She continues to learn and grow as an equestrian and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others. Elite Equine Rescue and Rehab has graciously offered Andrea a role in their equestrian program.

She has accepted the role of life skills coach in an equine setting: e.g., riding lessons with a behavioral twist! The focus of the program is equine care, handling, and riding technique. The goal of this program is to not only foster a mutually beneficial relationship between horse and rider, but to help each individual rider increase their self-awareness, awareness of others (perspective-taking, empathy, and patience), improve and understand communication (verbal and nonverbal), increase altercentrism (taking an interest in others), encouraging altruism (caring for another without expectation for self-benefit), and improving overall self-confidence which will hopefully generalize across other aspects of their daily lives.

Andrea has been working in mental health for over five years with diverse and vulnerable

populations of adults, children, and adolescents. Additionally, she has earned a Master of Science degree in child and adolescent developmental psychology. Her degree emphasized the biological and environmental influences that can impact an individual’s developmental trajectory, and thusly she has created an equestrian program that is focused on creating healthy, responsible, and reciprocal relationships between the novice equestrian and their equine partner to enhance the positive environmental influences on both human and horse.

Andrea is currently accepting new students and is looking forward to growing her program

alongside the professional and talented members of Elite Equine Rescue and Rehab! She can be easily reached and is very responsive, please feel free to text, call, or email her with any questions or

scheduling needs!

Mobile: 720-557-4193

Email: [email protected]

Under Colorado Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to section 13-21 119, Colorado Revised Statutes.