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Many of our horses are retired athletes that are suitable for different levels of riding activity; however, we do rehome horses for trail or pleasure riding as well. All applicants must pass a home inspection and have an on-site meet-n-greet followed by a trial ride to assure that the horse and rider are a great match.

All About Our Horses

We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome horses from all over Colorado and beyond. We help any equines as needs arise, such as the rescue and rehoming of Czechoslovakian Imported Warmblood deemed lame and unwanted to her original purchaser or Argentinian polo mare that was shipped here to compete and deemed unwanted due to an unsightly melanoma. 


EER adopts horses to qualified homes with preference given to those in CO. Currently horses for adoption are located with Elite Equine Rehab Services in northern Colorado Springs. An in-person meeting and ride (if applicable) are scheduled to make sure the adopter and horse are a great match. Additionally, a home-check will be performed prior to approval.

* Please note EER may also refer out to other rescue organizations to view horses available for adoption.

Elite Equine Rescue also has a small group of retired horses who are unlikely to adopt for any reason other than pasture companion but still have a good quality of life. These horses are available to sponsor to help offset their care expenses. These horses are located at EER’s private farm in Northern Colorado Springs as well.

Equines In Rehab

When our horses arrive, they're given a complete medical examination to determine their rehabilitation and treatment plan. Although we are a 100% volunteer organization, the rescues currently undergoing rehabilitation have significant expenses. Although, our staff is trained to provide supportive veterinary care and non-invasive rehabilitation therapies, additional medical, farrier, and dental services are all provided at a reasonable cost, but it all adds up.

We are always looking for financial sponsors for our horses in rehab. A sponsor helps cover the expenses for the horse and the sponsor is also given the first opportunity to adopt that horse once the rehabilitation is complete.

Adoption and Approval

Our goal is to place our horses into loving, permanent homes.

Potential adopters must complete the basic Adoption Questionnaire before discussing adoption so we can match our horses to the best possible homes. No commitment is required. Scroll down to complete the form.

Adopting a horse can be one of the most rewarding and wonderful experiences of your life. We have horses that are rideable, light work, pleasure, as well as non-rideable horses that can fill the much-needed job of “companion,” acting as friends for other horses. Here at EliteEquine, we believe that every horse should be loved and valued. At any given time, we have horses of various backgrounds, breeds, sizes, and ages available for adoption. Please visit our available horse pages to see our sound and pasture pals that are looking for their new homes!

Adoption and Approval Process

Thank you for your interest in providing a loving home to a previously unwanted horse. Searching for a horse is an exciting and special time. At Elite Equine Rescue we want to help create special memories of this intimate relationship from the very beginning. We create a no-pressure environment and give the adopter an opportunity to explore and make the right decision, for them and the horse. Our goal is to adopt our horses to people who are committed to lifetime care for the horses they adopt.

If you are interested in having one of our horses become a cherished member of your family, please fill out an application. Please be thorough. This will help us to properly match your needs with our horses available for adoption.

What are Elite Equine Rescue's adoption requirements for shelter and land?

Before you inquire about adoption, we want you to be aware of the stringent requirements we have for the shelter and land before any horse would be approved for adoption. After you've reviewed the requirements, please proceed with the Adoption Questionnaire below if you're still interested.

Property Requirements for Adoption

Adopted horses must be maintained with a companion animal, namely, another horse, mule, pony, miniature horse, or other as approved.


Property must be zoned for equine and provide a minimum of one acre of useable pasture or paddock space per horse. OR horse must may be boarded at an approved boarding facility.

If pasture fed, there must be sufficient grazing of suitable grass and pasture plants that are well established. Fencing

Fencing needs to be of solid construction and in good condition. Suitable materials include wood, no-climb wire, or other equine type fence material.

Barbed wire can pose serious safety risks and should be removed.

Electric fencing may be used, but must be visible for horses. Electric tape must be at least 2 inches in width.


Property where an equine is to be housed must have adequate shelter from wind, rain, and heat.

Shelters need to be constructed to provide sufficient space for each equine to turn around, lie down, move his or her head freely, etc. Or have sufficient tree coverage for horses to seek coverage in area provided.

A stall measuring 12x12 with at least two closed sides is the minimum for the average 1,200 pound horse.

If an equine is stalled or kept in a paddock, he or she must be turned out (conditions permitting) in a suitable turnout area and/or exercised 4 days weekly (conditions permitting).

Shelter and paddocks must have proper water containers and equines must have access to clean water at all times.

Shelters should have no exposed nails, screws or sharp metal objects