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For The Love Of Horses.

Elite Equine Rescue (EER) is an IRS recognized non-profit with a 501c3 exemption status. The organization was founded when the need to provide rehabilitation, re-homing and aftercare to equine athletes that no longer served their previous life were in jeopardy of being discarded, neglected or even abused. EER provides a safe landing for these horses and many others. Our main objective is to meet the rehab needs of those animals that require it, evaluate training/skill level and personality traits and determine long-term general care needs for each horse. Then, we pair them with an individual that matches each horse's needs.

A Message from our President

Our Mission

Elite Equine Rescue (EER) is a 501c3 non-profit organization working to prevent the abuse and neglect of horses through rescue and education.

A little background: Elite Equine Rescue was incorporated as a Colorado non-profit in February of 2018. Elite Equine Rescue began as an all volunteer organization with the Board members providing the initial foster homes. A small self-care facility soon housed several of the incoming rescue horses as well.

Over the years, Elite Equine has worked hard to increase its capacity on solely personal funds prior to it's tax exemption status being obtained. In 2015, EER founding board members purchased a small piece of acreage and began to build the facility that now houses the rescues today.

Since our inception, EER has grown and built and additional barn and indoor arena. This affords us the ability to take in more clientele horses for rehabilitation as well as rescues. It is these post surgical/injury clients that help fund the rescue horses that are housed here at EER.

Our Vision

The love and compassion have always been there... in all of us. It just took a little of faith, the right hearts being paired, the initial finances and ultimately the manpower to make it happen. We have gone from housing a handful per year to now housing 20-30 rescue horses in need at any given time. Due to the growing need and a less than perfect economy we are finding more and more horses in need. However, we are limited to the number of horses that we are able to house here. Are we able to rehab under the current circumstances? Sure. However, if we were equipped with the technology of an AquaTread and/or a Vibe thera-plate the horses would rehab quicker and stronger. Our vision, our dream and prayer is that we will someday be able to obtain a large piece of land and grow in our ability to touch many more lives. We would then be far less limited on our intake number, have greater ability to save more horses and be better equipped to quarantine those horses with little to no history. Additionally, we would be armed with the very best knowledge, equipment, education, experience and ultimately the facility. Our intention is to continue rescuing, educating and advocating for horses on as many levels as possible... We are confident it will happen in the near future.

What sets us apart?

There are many Equine Rescue organizations. However, very few rescues that are qualified and experienced to provide supportive veterinary care and rehab therapy modalities exist across the US. Join us in the fight to save slaughter-bound, abused, abandoned and neglected horses! Our goal is to round up 5,000 supporters who will donate a mere $5.00 per month so we can continue to do our meaningful work!

"Saving a horse will not save the world, but it changes the world for that one horse." Gina Hluska