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GuideStar Awarded Platinum Seal of Approval for 2021!

Completely transparent in our operations and efforts. 

A little about us...

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Elite Equine Rehab & Rescue is in the midst of some wonderful upgrades, additions and changes as we navigate through the course of hurdles of allowances and county approval. As we continue to grow and expand on our facility in the beautiful Black Forest, we look forward to welcoming additional horses, volunteers and clients.  With our expansion and addition comes additional paddocks, run-in sheds, another 6 stall barn and indoor arena which gives us the ability to rescue, rehab and rehome more horses than before. 

Together, we are rescue.

"Some people talk to animals. Not many people listen though. That's the problem."   - A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh


Elite Equine Rescue is dedicated to saving performance horses from an ill-fated future of neglect, abuse or ultimately being shipped to the kill buyer.

Our rescue, rehabilitation, education and advocacy efforts help save lives of horses both locally and nationally.

Our Services

Saving one horse will not save the world, but saving one horse will change the world... for that horse.


Our rescue efforts are focused on taking in horses on a surrender basis that no longer serve their owners or careers and prevent them from hitting the auctions or kill pens. We are dedicated to saving horses from neglect, abusive situations, providing rehabilitation, training evaluation and adoption to qualified homes. A small number of horses retire with Elite Equine Rescue when they are unlikely to adopt but are still in overall good health. Direct rescue also involves providing humane euthanasia for horses debilitated or suffering from various conditions including disease or severe injury where quality of life is diminished.


Many horses come in with health and/or medical conditions that require rehabilitation with the use of the various therapies we provide to get them back to the very best health and quality of life possible. After making a full recovery and riding assessment , horses become available for adoption to qualified homes.


Many of our horses are retired athletes that are suitable for different levels of riding activity; however, we do rehome horses for trail or pleasure riding as well. All applicants must pass a home inspection and have an onsite meet-n-greet followed by a ride to assure that the horse and rider are a great match.

Our Team

"Together, we are rescue"

Gina Hluska


Gina is a horse lover to the core. Born & raised in Florida, she has been told that she could ride before she could walk. So, it was only natural that she would spend her childhood taking lessons, showing and even volunteering for the Special Olympics. Fresh out of college, Gina took her love of horses and riding to the stage when she began performing in the Arabian Nights dinner theater in Orlando, FL. Here she trained and performed on many breeds and in a variety of disciplines. When the long drive and countless hours away from home began to take its toll, Gina looked for something a little closer. After a riding interview, she was hired at a local ranch just minutes from her home. There she ran the equine program starting, training and caring for the horses. After observing one of the horses lack of appetite and mild fever, she used her gut instinct and called the vet, DVM Robert McDonald. Upon the assessment and diagnosis of pneumonia of said horse, Dr. McDonald recognized Gina's skills and natural ability with horses and offered her a job working alongside him at Tampa Bay Downs Thoroughbred Racetrack as his vet tech. Here she gained field experience working on the backside of the racetrack, on farms and in-hospital settings assisting in treatments and surgeries. Gina found that this was where she loved to be. She followed the racing circuit to the North during the summer season and obtained another position as a vet tech. There she worked with the veterinarians of TFB Equine, a highly regarded performance equine veterinary firm serving the Mid Atlantic and some of the Nations top owners.

Gina remained employed with TFB for 12 years before relocating to Colorado. Since arriving in Colorado Springs, she has worked for Airway Animal Hospital and Brown Veterinary Hospital. After working in the field of primarily small animal medicine, Gina felt the need to fill a void and go back to what she truly loved, horses. As a newly single mother, she couldn't afford to go back to school, but that wasn't going to stand in the way of her dreams. She applied for a scholarship and WON! She went back to school and obtained the necessary accreditation to open her own Equine Rehab Facility... 

Thus, Elite Equine Rehab was born... As was her current family. Gina is now a happily married mother of a blended family of 7 humans, 3 dogs, 3 cats, chickens and fish. On the farm there is never a dull moment. 

Gina still loves and makes the time to learn new modalities, techniques and treatment methods to help keep her current in the field. She attends Continuing Education seminars with the AVMA and specialized classes to gain additional certifications yearly. Gina currently has the titles of Certified Equine Massage Therapist, Certified Equine Kinesiology Practitioner, Certified Equine Laser Therapist and Veterinary Technician currently behind her name and always looking to add more.

David Hluska

Treasurer/Farm Manager

Dave is a retired USAF Lt. Col. currently employed as a civil servant at Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs. He spent much of his teenage years working on a produce farm in upstate New York. Here he learned the ins and outs of planting, harvesting, building and equipment operation. Although he has never worked with horses prior to his marriage into this life with Gina, he has learned quickly and gets around just fine. Additionally, Dave utilizes his amazing skills with computers and impeccable understanding of numbers (math major) to use as Treasurer. He does a wonderful job running the numbers, keeping spreadsheets and of course managing others. Together, he and Gina envision continued growth in the rehab & rescue by acquiring or raising the funds needed to help as many horses as possible.

Genevieve Price

Volunteer Coordinator

As a retired school teacher and Etsy store owner looking to give back, Genevieve began volunteering at EER. She quickly learned her way around the barn and how to work with the horses and discovered that this was something she really enjoys. Being the animal lover that she is and with such a wonderful heart, the horses responded to her gentle and kind care. As soon as she learned that we were looking to fill positions on the board and that the position of Volunteer Coordinator was available, it was only fitting that she would be the one for the job. We are so happy to have her. She loves what she does and brings a great energy and dedication to the rescue.

Joe Price

Vice president/Operations manager

As the husband and partner of Genevieve, Joe fell naturally into the role of "farm helper/wife tag along". Thankfully, it didn't stop there. Joe has stepped up to the plate recruiting additional volunteers, making repairs, overseeing pasture management, identifying projects and delegating tasks, overseeing feed/hay inventory and deliveries. It was only fitting that with all he does here that Joe be named the Vice President and operations manager. We are so happy to have Joe as an integral part of our team.

Rescue is a Profession of Hope

Hope is seeing the light in spite of being surrounded by darkness. Equine rescue can be a very exhausting effort both physically and emotionally. We don't always get to those in need. We don't always succeed in our efforts to rehab and rehome the horses that do come through our gates. However, with a single thread of hope we continue to snap on that lead rope and walk on. We rely on the contributions and efforts of volunteers to help us provide and care for those horses in need. It is because of our common bond, our love and compassion, that we are able to successfully rehabilitate, rehome or retire those souls that truly need our help. If all our efforts saves one horse, just one, then we've accomplished our mission. There is never too much darkness that you cannot see the stars.

Luke Combs tickets

Raffle for Rescues

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April 19, 2020

Broadmoor World Arena

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The winner of the our Raffle for Rescues is Kayla Ross. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the Luke Combs concert has been postponed until further notice. We will post performance updates as we receive them.

*Update: Luke Combs at the Broadmoor World Arena has been rescheduled. 

Event Details:

Luke Combs

Tuesday, November 03,2020 at 7pm

Broadmoor World Arena

Colorado Springs, CO

Make A Difference​

Giving Abused, Abandoned, and Slaughter-bound Horses a Second Chance is what

Elite Equine Rescue is all about.

Your support and financial help is crucial in helping us to help these horses. 98.3% of all donations go directly to the care and benefit of our horses. Would you please join us in making a difference!


Donate * Volunteer * Educate 

Did You Know?

85% of first-time horse owners get rid of their horses within five years.

152,000 horses a year are slaughtered for human consumption abroad.

92.3% of horses going to slaughter are in their prime (7-10 years old), healthy and in good condition.

Elite Equine Rescue is a 25-plus horse rescue & rehab located in Colorado Springs, CO. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to saving slaughter-bound, injured performance horses that are at risk of abuse, abandonment or neglected. We offer these horses a safe place to land while receiving the rehabilitation needed before being placed in a qualified forever home. The amazing transformations of hundreds of shattered horses and their second chances are only possible through the generosity of those who wish to help us help these equine. The Elite Equine Team and the horses that they serve are deeply grateful for the donations that make our meaningful work possible.

Donations may also be sent to:

Elite Equine Rescue

1670 Spring Valley Dr.

Colorado Springs, CO 80921