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GuideStar Awarded Platinum Seal of Approval for 2022!

Completely transparent in our operations and efforts. 

Make A Difference​

Giving Abused, Abandoned, and Slaughter-bound Horses a Second Chance is what

Elite Equine Rescue is all about.

Your support and financial help is crucial in helping us to help these horses. 100% of all donations go directly to the care and benefit of our horses. Would you please join us in making a difference!


Rescue is a Profession of Hope

Hope is seeing the light in spite of being surrounded by darkness. Equine rescue can be a very exhausting effort both physically and emotionally. We don't always get to those in need. We don't always succeed in our efforts to rehab and rehome the horses that do come through our ga​te. However, with a single thread of hope we continue to snap on that lead rope and walk on. We rely on the contributions and​ efforts of volunteers to help us provide and care for those horses in need. It is because of our common bond, our love and compassion, that we are able to successfully rehabilitate, rehome or retire those souls that truly need our help. If all our efforts saves one horse, just one, then we've accomplished our mission. There is never too much darkness that you cannot see the stars.

Did You Know?

85% of first-time horse owners get rid of their horses within five years.

152,000 horses a year are slaughtered for human consumption abroad.

92.3% of horses going to slaughter are in their prime (7-10 years old), healthy and in good condition.

Elite Equine Rescue is a 25-plus horse rescue & rehab located in Colorado Springs, CO. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to saving slaughter-bound, injured performance horses that are at risk of abuse, abandonment or neglected. We offer these horses a safe place to land while receiving the rehabilitation needed before being placed in a qualified forever home. The amazing transformations of hundreds of shattered horses and their second chances are only possible through the generosity of those who wish to help us help these equine. The Elite Equine Team and the horses that they serve are deeply grateful for the donations that make our meaningful work possible.

Donations may also be sent to:

Elite Equine Rescue

1670 Spring Valley Dr.

Colorado Springs, CO 80921


Our Sponsors & Partners

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